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As parents and school professionals, one of your main goals is to keep the children in your life safe online. To do that, we need to teach them about digital citizenship. With so much information available about Digital Citizenship on the internet, how do you know what’s true and what’s not? And what about the social aspects of online safety?

Let’s start with the basics…

What is Digital Citizenship?
Digital Citizenship is an all encompassing subject that relates to how children use the internet, both at home and at school.

Digital Citizenship teaches our students about:

  • Online Safety

  • Protecting privacy

  • Issues of cyber safety

  • Managing their online reputation

  • Balancing time online

  • And many more

Where should students learn about digital citizenship? 

Digital citizenship should be taught both at home and at school.

As it relates to school, students should learn about the importance of evaluating the credibility of online sources, as well as how to become digitally literate. At home, parents and guardians are responsible for discussions about keeping personal information safe, discussing cyber-bullying and sharing how to safely use the internet and respectfully communicate online.

Why partner with Go Learn Together?

As both a parent and a 20+ year law enforcement professional, Clayton Cranford, founder of Go Learn Together, has seen the consequences of bad decisions first-hand and understands the need to provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to make good decisions online.

That’s why he created Go Learn Together – a unique learning platform, backed by research and inspired by real-life, that equips families & school professionals with resources to teach our youth about digital citizenship and online safety.

More often than not, parents & educators are ill-equipped to teach digital citizenship to the students in their life. Whether they aren’t an expert in the subject matter or they don’t have the time to learn, Go Learn Together’s online program is designed to be easy to facilitate. The program includes 13 lessons, with supporting materials such as student handouts, assessments, educational videos, and family tip sheets. Each lesson includes talking points designed to open the door to valuable conversations between the parent/educator and the student.

We know that one of the most important aspects of online safety for children is open and honest communication with a trusted adult in their life. This is what makes Go Learn Together’s curriculum different than others on the market. Go Learn Together is designed to facilitate conversation between the student and their teacher or guardian, deepening the bond while increasing education & awareness about online safety.

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